The first iteration of the DADA project has audio descriptions of 9 works of public art in Downtown Durham. The audio descriptions are accessible by calling a dedicated phone line -- 919-694-DADA and then following the phone menu options to hear the particular descriptions of the artworks. Within the coming year, the audio descriptions will also be made available via a smartphone app. Additional works of public art and architecture will continue to be added to DADA, including works on Duke Campus and at The Nasher Museum.

The DADA project (Durham Audio Described Art) is a collaborative effort of Duke University, the City of Durham's Cultural Advisory Board, Durham Arts Place, and Arts Access, Inc. Within Duke, the collaborations include: Department of Theater Studies, Department of Public Policy, the Service-Learning Program, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, Office of Durham and Regional Affairs, The Nasher Museum of Art, the Office of the Vice-Provost for the Arts, and the Office of Disability Management.